These fishing rods represent a culmination of the decades of tournament experience and success brought out through all time winning money winner. These rods were designed to perform and to last.

The Dobyns Champion 7’9″ Medium Heavy Mike Long Signature Swim bait Rod 795 ML SB is made by Mike Long wish list along with Gary Dobyns in order to build the best fishing rods ever that combines the technology of two different top rods. The rods are made of correctly balanced handles that are normally fitted with Kigen stainless steel. They offer comfort when holding it as they are light and stay well balanced in water for long days. They are also designed to pull up big swim baits perfectly and smoothly.

Dobyns Champion 7’9″ Medium Heavy Mike Long Signature Swim bait Rod 795 ML contains well fixed innovative hook keepers that help it to perform its functions in a well-systematized way. They also contain stainless steel frames that enable them to stay for a long time without wear or tear. The Mike long rod is usually covered by Dobyns Limited Lifetime warranty making them more dependable to use. Moreover, through the correct orientation along the spline of the blank to new hook keepers and comfortable balanced handles with a high-quality cork, no detail has ever been overlooked while designing these high-quality fishing rods that are normally very rare to find. The Dobyns champion has a tremendous visual appeal to bass and has the ability to draw fish from long distances to strike because of its natural look and action. It can also work well in deep waters. Former Bass master Elite series competitor and bass master open champion Paul Hirosky praise these fishing rods for their high performance and easy to use.

Swim baits are better as compared to the traditional baits. They boost the weights in some competitions and tournaments. It has a great action and a very realistic look and a wide variety of colors which most swim baits are made for. To get the best out of each swim bait a person has to find the best tool for the job.You’ll need the right equipment, and thus the Dobyns Champion can handle that kind of job.

It’s also listed as the top rated plus items when it comes to swim baits. Most of the of competitor in large tournaments have preferred the Dobyns swim bait rod because of its various unique features as compared to other rods that are manufactured by different firms globally. For the best swim baits it is advisable to get the Doby’s Champion rod via and expect a positive feedback for the sellers. It was specifically designed because of the changing usage of technology for two different manufacturers that had already seen the importance of coming up with great ideas and assembling such a good rod.

Currently, it has been ranked as the best rod since the ancient times and many people have voted for it worldwide.  

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Dobyns Rods are the best.

Dobyns undoubtedly make the best bass fishing rods. They have a great parabolic bend (rare now in bass fishing) and a ton of backbone. The sensitivity and durability of these rods is unmatched.

shaqolate / Customer